Dental Services

We provide dental services for the entire family and our goal is to achieve optimal oral health in conjunction with overall wellness through teaching and education.

Our office’s array of dental services include but are not limited to loss of gum tissue or recession, lost or missing fillings due to fracture or cavities, infections causing pain or shifting of teeth.

Williston Vermont Dental Services


Regular oral health exams,  on site intraoral xrays, comprehensive periodontal health evaluations, pre treatment counseling, individualized and stepwise treatment planning approach

Williston Vermont Dental Services


Superb hygiene program for regular dental cleanings, nutrition & oral health counseling, fluoride treatments, sealants

Williston Vermont Dental Services


Fillings (porcelain, amalgam & composite), full & partial bridges & dentures, implants, crowns, veneers

Williston Vermont Dental Services


Extractions, oral abscess management, incision & drainage

Adjunct Dental Services

  • 24/7 availability by Dr Molinari for emergency contact/treatment
  • Non IV conscious sedation, local anesthetic, topical
  • Tooth whitening/bleaching
  • Oral health/nutrition counseling with consultation & referral to well trusted specialists when necessary